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A squirrel can brighten even the dreariest day!


Squirrel! Rebel Yell! Yahoo!

Buffalo Tom & Gunther “Cool Breeze” Tootie…Snow Removers

The 9 Lives Of Buffalo Tom Peabody


2 thoughts on “win-TURD…Squirrely

  1. That squirrel looks a bit chilly. Cool little snow plough! There’s even a little place for Gunther to stand. I hope he doesn’t fall off or all you’ll be able to see is his little legs sticking up out of the snow 🙂

    • That squirrel is constantly distracting us… Every time we see him we can’t think of anything else. Gunther says we should wear “blinders” so we can shovel snow in a straight line. 🙂 thanks for the compliments on our new John Deere mini tractor with snow plow! When we are actually moving and plowing, Gunther climbs up in the seat beside me and we both wear seatbelts. Sometimes he runs on ahead to make sure we are plowing in a straight line…we obviously need to work on this. But we only charge a quarter!

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