Relief Is On The Way!

The Holler-Days don’t have to feel like a cut-rate colonoscopy!
This year unclench with me and Gunther!


Stick with us and  you’ll practically be CAT-a-tonic throughout the entire Holler-Day Season!
Me and Gunther will be just like an extra-large bucket of extra-strength EX-LAX to help you glide through the stress!
Just because it’s win-TURD… You don’t have to be constipated!


Starting right after Thanksgiving! (You’ll probably need a dose of ex-lax by then!) Relief is on the way!


(this post is not endorsed by the makers of ex-lax or any other similar laxative products.)

The 9 Lives Of Buffalo Tom Peabody


4 thoughts on “Relief Is On The Way!

  1. You should be endorsed – out there in that frigid weather, putting your life on the line so that other people can remain regular…why Tom/Gunther – I’m proud of you both!! 😉

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