Squirrely Cruise Control

Me and Gunther were having some trouble keeping our new mini John Deere Tractor with snow plow attachment going in a straight line because we were always distracted by squirrels and rabbits… Gunther is a genius! He got our squirrel friend, Ziggy, to sit on the hood and keep us focused on the road ahead! It’s the perfect arrangement! Ziggy literally works for peanuts!


Now, everyone can unclench when they see us coming!

Next week is Thanksgiving… So let us be among the first to wish you a happy and unclenched Holler-Day season!


Don’t forget to unclench this Holler-Day Season with me,
Gunther, Ziggy, Tom Waits and the rest of the gang!
We’ve got lots of work to do… Seems like everybody is all clenched-up!


Keep your shirt on!

The 9 Lives Of Buffalo Tom Peabody


4 thoughts on “Squirrely Cruise Control

  1. The squirrel was an ingenious idea ! Anything to keep you two on the straight and narrow. :surprise: Is Gunther going to make a video this year and sing a Christmas Carol for us?

    • After Gunther appeared in that Miley Cyrus video… Where she made him cry… The name of it is “Wrecking Ball”. You can still see it on YouTube! Gunther says after that experience he prefers to remain behind the camera when it comes to videos. Not to mention, Miley Cyrus did not get our permission to use Gunther in that video! We think she’s a hussy. 🙂

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