Unclenching Black Friday

Fashion sensible!
Me and Gunther are unclenching the Holler-Day Season!
Since there was no school today, we slept-in and started off Black Friday with this fun breakfast recipe!


Nothing says “RELAX”
like ice cream for breakfast!
Then we had Gunther’s favorite lunch…sliced weenies!


Then we spent the rest of the day skinny dipping at the spa with our FAN CLUB!


Well, that’s how me and Gunther unclenched Black Friday!
Remember, don’t get your  spincter in a pucker…The Holler-Days will be over before you know it!



The 9 Lives Of Buffalo Tom Peabody & Gunther Tootie


5 thoughts on “Unclenching Black Friday

    • I have always liked cream of wheat cereal. Putting a scoop of strawberry ice cream on it sounds like a fine idea to me also. Or any flavor for that matter. including coffee.
      I hope you had a peaceful Black Friday? I noticed that blog traffic was way down yesterday and again today.

      • I went to the grocery store on Black Friday. It was deserted! I didn’t cart food home Thursday. After cooking it and enjoying it, I wasn’t interested in hauling it back.
        Hope you had a great Thanksgiving, too, Tom!

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