Christmas Life Coach

It isn’t your job to make other people happy…





…fashion senseless.

Fashion sensible = suit yourself.
Buffalo Tom & Gunther


The 9 Lives Of Buffalo Tom Peabody & Gunther Tootie


9 thoughts on “Christmas Life Coach

  1. So typicl of the US Congress: they can’t agree on anything! Welcome to politics, American-style, Mr. Fourth Grade President! LOL!

  2. Reblogged this on CoffeeGrounded's Blog and commented:
    We are saved! Thanksgiving is behind us, Black Friday, and as sure as I awake tomorrow, Cyber Monday will come and go. Let us not fret. LOOK, we have a Christmas Life Coach, actually we have two, Buffalo Tom Peabody (
    and his adorable sidekick, Gunther Tootie. They are here to help us through: the mad dash of shopping until we drop, hangovers, the fifteen pound weight gain, and the frenzy of cheer and antics that can only be produced at the annual Christmas office party.

    After yet one less shopping day until Christmas, a bank account shivering from bare nakedness, sit back in your cozy recliners. Sip your cup of hot cider as you wile away the hours relaxing in the comfort of knowing all is well. It sure is. Just like those burning and crackling logs in the fireplace, Buffalo Tom and Gunther have arrived to help us, as God only knows they can, for we are gifted with Life Coaches. We are blest. Humor to help us meet the challenges.

    Thank you Tom and Gunther.

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