Unclench Cyber Monday


Unclench Cyber Monday by not following the pack!


Buffalo Tom and Gunther

The 9 Lives Of Buffalo Tom Peabody & Gunther Tootie


22 thoughts on “Unclench Cyber Monday

  1. I awoke expecting excitement and bargains. All I found was old stock merchandise, small print exclusions attached to promotions and over zealous store keepers warning me that items were going fast. Blah, blah, blah blah-blah.

    The Day off the honest-to-goodness bargain appears to have vaporized.

    • Shopping is ridiculously hard for me. Online shopping is some what better but still difficult. I must rely on someone who can see to do it properly. Someone who will take it seriously is also required. Some friends I have shopped with, don’t care what I go home with. 😦 here’s a great example, I am highly allergic to shellfish… I asked my friend if this dinner contained any shellfish… She said no… When I got home I discovered four of my evening meals that week would include shrimp… And a trip to the emergency room or worse. No one is to blame because shopping is a pain. I have a friend that helps me shop now who is excellent, always double checking to make sure I get the right thing.

      • You brought something to mind that I hadn’t thought about, and something that I wonder about. I wonder if there are audible apps that aid the sight impaired? I am going to ask someone I know if he is aware of any, and if there is anyone reading this blog that can help direct you to such a valuable resource. I understand you would require a friend to assist on shopping, but this tool would be extremely valuable and time saving to both of you. Also, as it would help millions of others who find fine print difficult to read as they age.
        Shellfish toxicity/allergic reactions are extremely dangerous. My Aunt developed an allergy to shellfish and found herself in an ER. I’m glad you recovered.

      • My TTS will read the shopping sites to me however, it’s a top-down process so once you have filtered your search the results have to be read from the top down. If the thing you’re looking for is close to the top everything is okay. One of the best things about having eyesight is the ability to glance at things and select things quickly. With TTS even using touch and explore it’s a lengthy process. Some product descriptions are so vague that a blind person cannot make a selection. They assume we can see the product in the picture. I think gift cards are the solution to shopping for the blind. I have really good luck with telephone order and if I know exactly what I want. The operators are always very helpful and very nice.

      • I’ve zipped a note off to my nephew. He is quite knowledgeable in technology. (He works within computer architecture on the software side.). Perhaps there is an item that could assist even further, an advanced application that streamlines the processes? Let’s wish for Santa to bring a treat.

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