eyeTunes: Weight Watchers





… The album covers were probably printed on recycled milk cartons…


Gunther says, hey!

The 9 Lives Of Buffalo Tom Peabody & Gunther Tootie


18 thoughts on “eyeTunes: Weight Watchers

  1. Creepy…and it reminds me of many a nursery rhyme. They were downright vicious, but surprisingly, survived and were repeated for generations to come. Where on earth is this guy? Enquiring minds need to know. 😉
    Love those caps!

    • This one looks like 1970’s “hippie movement” backlash humor. 🙂 these winter caps would be great if they had form-fitting ear holes so that our ears didn’t get cold. Usually we like it when our ears stick out… We can hear better. In winter we would rather be warm. 🙂

      • Just think of the frostbite you and Gunther would suffer on your sweet little shivering ears. Besides, those hats protect you from the shriek of Mrs. Stit’s shrill voice. Consider that silence is golden, especially in distance of her rantings. 😉

      • Speaking of Old LadyStits, she’s helping her convict man friend will be home for Christmas… Gunther says that won’t happen until he tells the cops where he buried the stolen chapsticks…

      • Melted wax everywhere, hidden. Evidence needed. If Mrs. Stit’s had any sense she would encourage her boyfriend to fess up. But then again, when did Mrs. Stit’s ever cave? NEVER! Well, I guess this only proves what all of us knew, and something she never got: “There’s a time to give in, and a time to give up!”

      • She’s going to have a real cry-fest over that one, missing her Chapstick felon. Who knows, maybe there’s a heart hidden in her, maybe Conway can get thru to her.

    • I think people will look back and say that and more! Especially after the Peter Pan fiasco last night… Me and Gunther were both offered roles in Peter Pan… our moron of a manager wanted us to do it… We always do the opposite of what our moron of a manager says…

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