Fashion Senseless: Rat Pack Santa

… Celebrities make lousy Santa’s… Everything isn’t always about them…


Here’s a Holler-Day card for you from me and Gunther!


Ho! Ho! Ho!

The 9 Lives Of Buffalo Tom Peabody & Gunther Tootie

7 thoughts on “Fashion Senseless: Rat Pack Santa

  1. Deerly beloved, can I borrow a point or two? I rammed into those three crooners and shattered my antlers. By the way, those shag cuts go well on you fellas. At first sight I thought they were comb-overs. 😉

    • hahahahaha! That Rat Pack! It’s a collection of self absorbed narcissists! I could barely get their attention… Even with my bull horn! I finally got Sammy Davis Jr to take my Christmas gift order… Me and Gunther had to take each others pictures on Santa Davis jr’s lap because these three guys couldn’t focus on anything other than themselves! 🙂

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