Mistletoe Abuse

… Joan Crawford’s party was supposed to be the highlight of the Holler-Day Season but with Joan, everything turns into drama, drama, drama!
Me and Gunther should have known that this was just more of Joan’s horny hi-jinx and shenanigans! Hot cocoa and Christmas cookies come with a high price… Our dignity!


Just say “no” to Joan and her cookies!
(We did bring our hostess a gift… A $20 off coupon for her first prescription of Chantix! Enough already, with the cigarettes, Joan!)





The 9 Lives Of Buffalo Tom Peabody & Gunther Tootie


11 thoughts on “Mistletoe Abuse

    • I will say this… At least Joan did not start slapping people around… And no one got pushed down the stairs. But all of this foolishness about the mistletoe was disturbing. When nobody was looking, Gunther went and hung everybody’s coats up on wire hangers! When Joan found out, her head nearly exploded!
      Hopefully, all of the excitement wore Joan out so that she’ll leave the kids alone. 🙂

  1. LOL! “Stand your ground” with a water-pistol, Buffalo Tom? Really? Forget the Chantix, spray her cigarette every time she lights up! :),,

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