It’s Christmas!

Tom Waits Live Silent Night + Christmas Card From…:

Be sure to click the link and watch Tom Waits’ video! A song and a story for Christmas. It’s definitely worth it.

What a Christmas Eve me, Gunther and Tom Waits had!
First of all, Gunther’s hateful teacher, Mrs. Stits’ got her Christmas wish!


He had been in jail since September for stealing Chapsticks at Walmart… Gunther is hoping Mrs. Stits will be less hateful now.
Then me, Gunther and Tom Waits went looking for Santa Claus!
First we found Clara Bow…


After we found Santa, we helped him deliver gifts all night long! Santa has a tough job! Giving isn’t as easy as it seems… Especially since Santa’s reindeer are spending Christmas with THEIR families…


Santa gave us an autographed photo!


… Afterwards, Tom Waits treated me and Gunther to anything we wanted off the menu at Waffle House!
Best Christmas ever!


We hope that all of you had as much fun this Christmas as we did!

Happy Holler-Days from:
Buffalo Tom Peabody, Gunther Tootie & Tom Waits


The 9 Lives Of Buffalo Tom Peabody & Gunther Tootie


10 thoughts on “It’s Christmas!

  1. No reindeer! no wonder i never heard their hooves upon the rooftop! But i truly appreciate the fact that you, Gunther and Tom, pulled off the dashing thru the snow to greet the world with gifts. 🙂

    • Santa decided to take Tom Waits off the naughty list this year! He said he likes the way Tom Waits uses contrasts to get people thinking about their own lives and others. Me and Gunther told Santa that he needed to upgrade the gifts that he gives to poor kids… Santa said he’ll need some help for that so… Me and Gunther are going to work on that for next year!

      • I’m with you on that gift giving idea. I asked my mother-in-law to forgive her gift giving to me. She panicked, so afraid of my request. Which was: “Don’t buy me anything, but give me something you have that you are willing to part with.” Seeing the fear cross her face, I reassured her, “Oh, I’ll still gift you with something store bought.” Quickly the blood returned to her face.

        I tried this method on my favorite Aunt. Her reply, “But Sweetie, everything I have is old and beat up.” I quickly reassured her that anything she felt she could part with would be extra special to me. She had that fear of panic on her face too, but not because she’s concerned about what I would gift her. I think she simply felt she had nothing of value.

        OMG! The mother-in-law gifted me with a photo of her mother. She outdid herself and earned a hug. Aunt Bettie? Well let me just say that I could not believe what she parted with, I had to tell her it was simply not mine to have. Her mother, my husbands grandmother, made a tree skirt, sequined and beaded, decorated and hand made. I simply begged her that she couldn’t do this, but bequeath it to me if she passed before I did. She wouldn’t listen, kept telling me she never puts up a large tree anymore. I told her then that perhaps we could come to an agreement. I have a tree skirt that sat under my tree that I hand made for our tree. It was no where near the beauty of the one she gifted me, but I would feel honored if she’d take it. It was much smaller and would accommodate her tree.

        Let me know as the months go by should you decide upon a way to honor the children. I’d love to join you, Gunther and Tom Waits.

      • What a great idea and a great Christmas! I have removed myself from the gift getting list. 🙂 I think Christmas is a very touchy topic for most people especially the giving and getting part. Trying to change or even bend a tradition, I think may be impossible. Maybe we could turn all of the non holiday days into holidays for giving to people who are less fortunate…

      • I think so much has become too much. My friends and I gathered to have a coffee at Starbucks. We had the best time. That was the gift we gave ourselves. Peace, quiet and a two hour chat session. We didn’t discuss politics, problems within our world or ruminate over the past. We simply giggled and joked our way thru that afternoon. And the memories we made? They’ll be with us for the rest of our lives.

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