Holler-Day Hi-Jinks: At The Carnival



Happy New Year!
P. S. The devil made me do it!


6 thoughts on “Holler-Day Hi-Jinks: At The Carnival

  1. I am glad you got away from the evil Mrs. Stits. As a teacher for 31 years, I always tried to leap in between students and snowball-throwing teachers. For every snowball I took in the back of the head for them, I got them later with three more snowballs. I would also like to know where that carnival is now touring.

    • I think that Carnival is floating around somewhere in the twilight zone. Mrs. Stits wouldn’t be so bad if she could lay off the hooch for a while. Gunther says that she has a peppermint schnapps bottle in her purse.
      My teacher, Mr Busby is very nice and makes learning fun.

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