Dreams Can Come True …

Buffalo Tom Peabody “American Idol”: http://youtu.be/43CT8YOxkfs

Be sure to click the link above and watch my 40 second YouTube video! It will inspire you! Because dreams can come true!


Somebody up there likes me!
Rebel yell!


This photograph explains why dumb ignorant Ryan Seacrest will never start a sentence with… “When I was a kid…”


Did you know dumb ignorant Ryan Seacrest is responsible for producing and bringing you the dumb ignorant Kardashian’s “reality” show… Maybe it would be better if OJ showed up every once in awhile in an episode…


Fashion senseless…



Who cares?


Happy New Year!


The 9 Lives Of Buffalo Tom Peabody & Gunther Tootie


17 thoughts on “Dreams Can Come True …

  1. Too much, Tom!! But – you shouldn’t have whistled at ME!! I put up with the first season and that’s when I HAD to call it quits. Boy – am I looking forward to your too funny for words antics in 2015!! Oops, almost forgot to wish Gunther a Happy New Year too! Have a great weekend! Hic 🍸

    • Lol! I am so proud that you had the courage to grunt and walk away from American Idol after just one season! 🙂 reality television is truly a sad chapter in American entertainment. Everybody just comes off looking bad, including the viewer. 🙂
      Gunther says hey and happy New Year to you!

      • I think reality TV shows the total and complete lack of imagination in our writers and programmers of today. Even in the “new” sit-coms that come out every season, the plots are the same as past shows – just the faces are different. (and don’t get me going on the seasons – HA – when I grew up you had the main season = Sept. to May and then the summer re-runs. Nowadays a season lasts 6 to 12 weeks and they’re gone!!)
        Okay – I vented enough – thanks for listening, Tom (or did you make Gunther have to listen to me? 😉 )

      • Excellent points! This will sound weird but my complaint about pop culture is always about the things that have been forced on me. I like to boil it all down to Ryan Seacrest… Excuse me, dumb ignorant Ryan Seacrest… He has elevated the cardboard,-vacant personality type to all new heights! As such, he is the perfect promoter for all things cardboard and vacant. Dumb ignorant Ryan Seacrest is a very lucky man… He has become fabulously wealthy for absolutely no reason at all… Other than pandering to the lowest common denominator.
        Ha! Therefore he is the perfect foil for me!

      • I know what you mean! I had to go through about 20 of them to find one that I could almost make out. I had to guess. There’s a place where you can hear the words, but the last time I tried it, they didn’t spell the letters out but pronounced what wasn’t words. I wrote and complained that it wasn’t low-vision friendly.

  2. I sometimes ask myself, “Where did reality go?” … Especially when i view a Kardasian. As for Ryan, he’s a good front man, but he probably is a very lonely person. I wonder if he remembers who he was?

    • I love picking on these people. I never want them to go away. I never watch them but they are often forced on me. I still contend that dumb ignorant Ryan Seacrest is the modern day version of a shyster snake oil salesman. For enough money Ryan Seacrest… Excuse me… Dumb ignorant Ryan Seacrest will say absolutely anything. I have a funny feeling… When he gets a gig… He doesn’t ask what it’s about… he just asks how much $$$ and I think that is a laugh riot because that is the reality that is being presented. 🙂

      • I couldn’t agree with you more. Our entertainment is right down the road. Jerry ‘Roadkill’ Jones. What a piece of work! Whenever I bring his name up in a conversation all the folks on the praise line go on and on about what a smart man he sure is. Making all that money, investing it in “all” the right places. (I can feel the vomit rising up inside of me.) It matters not what shame or black eye a Cowboy has brought forth, if that item can help his team, then he’ll sign the old boy up to play, or coerce the gods that “govern” the enterprise(s) , to forgive and forget, letting the bad boy put on his suit again.
        I could go on and on, but back to your point, some folks only see the almighty dollar sign. One day that bar tabs gonna come due, though. I hope they find their way home before the chit hits the fan.

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