Win-TURD Wonderland: Snow Removers


Love ya!


The 9 Lives Of Buffalo Tom Peabody & Gunther Tootie


5 thoughts on “Win-TURD Wonderland: Snow Removers

  1. Yes, i am bewildered by that fancy move you two made around that pole. Somehow you managed to make that plow part hovercraft.

    Is Mrs. Stits still following you and Gunther around with snowballs? You’d think she’d be spending all her precious vacation time with ‘Chapstick’ Rick.

    • Gunther, who is a science fiction nut , says that we passed through a parallel universe! Gunther also thinks that Dr Who is real. He says in that other parallel universe… Cats rule the world…
      I’m glad you asked about Mrs. Stits! Either today or tomorrow I will post new information about her! Shocking! I’ll bet she’s looking for a parallel universe to hide in! 🙂 if she finds a parallel universe I hope it’s the one that’s ruled by cats! Hahaha!

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