Don’t know when I’ll be back 😦

The 9 Lives Of Buffalo Tom Peabody & Gunther Tootie


14 thoughts on “Google

  1. People with low vision don’t seem to get much help when it comes to computers. I struggle with that when I ask people to send stuff so that I can use a text reader, then they ignore it. I wish they’d get the same headache and eye strain trying to read it.

  2. Whoa! I’m off to ask for the ATTENTION, of all friends: Let’s each write to Google begging their attention. AND, never discount your message, there are real people who do listen. “One small step….”

    • It just occurred to me this morning that I could uninstall the updates to this Google app. I did and now I can type! Uninstalling the updates created some new problems but I can get along with those until they fix the update.

      • You’re absolutely right! It is never ending especially with those apps. If an app works really really well… Give it a couple weeks and they will update it and it will stink! 🙂 some of the application developers put TTS in their apps and then forget all about it. Some of the app permissions that people do not like, allow Google to monkey with other apps so TTS will work in them.

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