Google Update … Update


Google isn’t exactly rushing to fix the problem… So, I deleted the updates to the Google app.
I have speech typing now but it is very basic and crummy.
Gunther says, Google should change it’s name to Mrs. Stits!



I would like to thank everyone for their support!


. . .You better shape up, Google… You know he’s down there and you know he’ll do it!


I don’t think Google can afford to lose any more assets.

There are so many complaints about this in the Google Play Store…


I’m keeping my fingers crossed!


The 9 Lives Of Buffalo Tom Peabody & Gunther Tootie


28 thoughts on “Google Update … Update

    • It looks like just about everybody with an Android had a bad experience with this update for the Google app. So, it may take them a little while. πŸ™‚ I’m just glad I can do my speech typing again.

  1. Good broke my Nexus, I was so pissed off. Lollipop left it virtually unusable and then I wiped the lot I was so fed up. It’s a little better but it still farts and sputters. Hope you get fixed up soon, that said I am so behind on my reading you have probably flown to the moon and back by now ffs!

    • Always a pleasure and great to hear from you, my friend! This Google thing really is a mess, it still is not fixed. I don’t think the un-updated version is compatible with my device either. It’s been a continual string of surprises… Bad surprises… 😦 I have speech typing now but it is very bad. Lots of mistakes and sometimes mistakes that can’t be corrected. Oh well, I better stop complaining at least I can type.

      • I think you have every right to complain. They seem to be a little slow at getting around to things. Tried to Google it last night to see if I come up with any information, but drew a blank. I’ll keep checking though πŸ™‚ In the meantime you need anything just shout!

      • Thanks, Juls! The speech typing issue is, when you say a sentence it only types the first word , if you say anymore it replaces that word with the first word of what you just said… Now I am using the basic installed version without any updates. It makes so many mistakes that it drives me crazy. I keep checking Google Play and downloading any revised versions… Without any luck.

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