eyeBoogers: Lord Of The Soup

…you’ll see things you’ll wish you hadn’t…
Today’s eyeBooger. . .


Jungle love!
Sometimes, I even take off my shoes when I make soup!

Did you know Maureen O’Sullivan (Jane) is Mia Farrow’s mom? It’s true! So I guess that makes me Rosemary’s Baby!
Google app for Android update… Apparently Google doesn’t care that the January 12th, 2015 update does not support speech typing for blind people.
Removing ALL the updates to the Google app makes speech typing ‘sort of’ work by reverting to the old version of Google which does not integrate very well with other apps that are designed to work with the updated version of Google. This is a lousy mess for blind people using my version of Android.
Until Google fixes this I am forced to limit the number of posts I make. All of it is so annoying I just stay off the internet.
Thanks for your patience.

The 9 Lives Of Buffalo Tom Peabody & Gunther Tootie


10 thoughts on “eyeBoogers: Lord Of The Soup

  1. I was surprised to see Tarzan and Jane wearing shoes. Tarzan’s pair look a bit like bedroom slippers and Jane’s T-straps remind me of middle school, circa 1960’s.

    Tom, I’m so sorry to hear about the software issues. I wish I understood the situation and could at least offer advice, but I am definitely clueless as to how I could, or might help.

    • Thanks! I think compatibility with all of the different devices for Android is the issue. There were many, many complaints about this update and Google has addressed a lot of the issues but not the TTS issue for my device. I use a recent and popular Android… Galaxy s4… So I don’t know what Google’s problem is. The problem is such that it makes using my android extremely tedious. Hours to do things that used to take just a few minutes. TTS makes endless mistakes. I’m sure they will eventually fix it…???

  2. Reblogged this on CoffeeGrounded's Blog and commented:
    Attention to anyone that is encountering (or has encountered) the following Android or Google issue(s). Is there a fix, a patch or a contact number that could help with this problem? If you know of one, would you please leave a note in my comment section ?

    Thank you!

  3. I used to love Tarzan movies with Johnnie Weis…whatever. Later I read that he was the poster boy for sexual harassment. As bad as he was, he made Tarzan movies fun to watch. The last few Tarzan movies in the last 20th century were nothing but C$*P.

  4. Have you looked at some of the others? I had a wee skelly for your today and the Ivona seems to get good reviews for a TTS. It seems Google are slow to fix most thing related to this update. If worst comes to worst, on my tablet I took it back to factory settings and did not do the lollipop update which rendered my tablet pretty much useless.

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