The Swami Buffalo Tommy: Monkey Business



Train your monkey to clean up after monkey poop-fights!
-Some  monkeys are smarter than most people!
-Some monkeys are mean and feisty!
-Which monkey will you get?  (Our choice… Its a crap shoot!)
-Order now and find out!

While supplies last:
-Only $29.95 per monkey … No personal checks, please! (Cash, Money Orders, Visa and MasterCard welcome.)
(NOTE: Monkey poop is NOT legal tender.)
-All sales final!


Each monkey comes with a FREE 5 pound bag of tasty Monkey Chow! (We cannot be held responsible for monkeys that eat their  tasty Monkey Chow in transit! In which case, your monkey will arrive with a free 5 pound bag of monkey poop, suitable for monkey poop-fights!)

The 9 Lives Of Buffalo Tom Peabody & Gunther Tootie


4 thoughts on “The Swami Buffalo Tommy: Monkey Business

    • Lol! I think they are competing with a company known for delivering inanimate monkeys. I’m hoping, that it is no longer possible to receive livestock via the postal service. What if a person was called away on an emergency and their pet monkey sat on the porch for a week in its delivery box… That’s why me and Gunther are including a free 5 pound bag of monkey chow and water bottle . 🙂

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