Saturday Hi-Jinx & Nincompoopery




eyeBoogers  . . .








The 9 Lives Of Buffalo Tom Peabody & Gunther Tootie


10 thoughts on “Saturday Hi-Jinx & Nincompoopery

    • I am glad to hear that!
      You seem to have been “wandering” in and out, so to speak. With my recent problems with the Google app, it’s hard to keep up. 😦 I’ve signed out of Facebook, so far that’s a good thing.
      Glad you’re back!

      • Well, when someone that wants me dead can also have me suspended on @twitter, it’s a problem.

      • I hear you. I kind of think twitter is a problem… It’s hard to get any traction there because there is so much activity. I stick by my earlier comments about Twitter, twitter is a whole lot of people talking and very few people listening. The big names on Twitter are a real drag and if that’s what it takes to be a hit… No thanks. The news value on Twitter, when it can be believed, is it’s greatest value.
        I like blogging because you get a better sense of the author and the author’s intent. Blogging, unlike Facebook and the rest of social media, represents original ideas and entertainment provided by authors who stand behind their work. Blogs and bloggers can be really ambitious, I really like that!
        Sorry that you got threatened! If it were me, I would pull the plug. Leave Twitter to the trolls. 😦 then, those that are left, can threaten each other. A circular firing squad, so to speak.

      • Yeah, but I do consumer affairs blogging and customer service blogging. This is ideal content, and @twitter needs to know there’s a watchdog out there.

        The San Francisco DA and CA DoJ have opened inquiries now into @twitter.

        This should be cleared up shortly.

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