Seriously, Jack…

I just noticed, while checking an older post, that comments are  not appearing in the comments or the notifications section of the word press for android app.


This is a big problem because as a blind user I cannot search my posts very efficiently for these comments. Also, TTS for the blind has never been able to comment directly on a post properly because it is not possible to correct mistakes. The only place I can make a comment on my own blog, or yours, is in the notifications or comments section of the word press app for android . 😦  If I visit your blog, I cannot comment on your posts, only click the like button.
I keep hoping that all of these problems are the fault of the horrible February 6, 2015 google update and hopefully will eventually be fixed. Until such time, I am NOT purposely ignoring you and humbly apologize.
I also apologize for complaining about this google issue so much but it is a HUGE step backwards for blind users who must use TTS.

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7 thoughts on “Seriously, Jack…

  1. should be working OVERTIME to ensure that all users have equal access to all functions, period! As a Deaf man, I understand your issues. Much love and naked hugs!

  2. The app for WordPress is irritatingly buggy! I get an email of a comment but it might not show for days.
    So I was thinking, perhaps its time you looked at investing in a tablet. Nothing too big perhaps a 7 inch one or maybe 8. That would allow you the flexibility to log in properly to WordPress and view notifications that way. You can get an android one, it will initially probably still be buggy due to the problems with that lollipop shite, but they should iron out.
    Pinch and zoon would allow you the flexibility to enlarge the screen when needed, basically its a bigger version of your phone. Something to consider.
    If you’re stuck with any blog stuff give me a shout, I’ll help where I can, but being on the Emerald Isle doesn’t help lol

    • Lol, Juls! Now I know you aren’t working too hard! Dr. Buffalo Tom Peabody prescribes a two week paid vacation for you. 🙂
      Last fall you recommended I get a tablet… & I did 🙂 Samsung TabS. I really like it and it does not suffer from the same Google problems that my galaxy s4 does. However, the Google issue really effects TTS on every device. I also believe only a dedicated blind user would discover this flaw. The spastic behavior of speech typing when accessing WordPress from the web is so bizarre I can hardly describe it and it has always been this way with occasional short periods when it works correctly. In order for me to use WordPress and I believe any blog, I must access WordPress through the app and also through the web with a variety of browsers. The only access method that allows me to comment reliably on blogs is the WordPress for Android app. I have figured out several ways of transitioning back and forth from the WordPress app to my browsers. I have also discovered I can transition back to the app from my browser by using the Samsung history function. ( all of this is true for every app that I use on my androids.) I accept all of these limitations because I think it’s part of being blind. But what I have a hard time accepting is the February 6, 2015 Google Search app for Android update that has rendered speech typing useless on my device. I don’t know if this problem has something to do with lollipop, but I strongly suspect it does. I think blind users are pretty rare and I also think that blind users using a galaxy s4 is even more rare. So I’m sure this is not a priority for google. Speech typing worked before the update on my galaxy s4 so I know its the app and not my galaxy. The February 6, 2015 update seems to work perfectly on my TabS. Between these two devices I can tell which things I must invent solutions for like using multiple browsers, bookmarks and switching back and forth between browser and app. Google probably does not care about the spastic behavior of speech typing when using a web browser since making TTS work in a universal way with all the different websites is probably impossible.
      In summary … Finally 🙂 my issues with this Google update could be so unique that it may never be resolved. So I’ll have to find a workaround.

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