eyeTunes: Hear Me Roar!


Offensive AND Alluring . . .





Don’t tell Jay and Ira you bought this album. . .



The 9 Lives Of Buffalo Tom Peabody & Gunther Tootie


12 thoughts on “eyeTunes: Hear Me Roar!

    • L_o_l! Whenever I see a conservative fundamentalist “anything” I know that it is going to be some kind of ignorant controlling crap. Truth is…NO ONE knows what it is like to be another person. Mark Twain said, each of us views the world through our own particular knothole. Pointing our knotholes in the same direction doesn’t necessarily mean we will see the same thing. 🙂
      Another old saying goes, when you think for yourself use your mind, when you think for others use your heart.

      • Your last sentence sums it up nicely. If only we would learn to treat others as we wish to be treated…and then I read in the news this morning that ISIS is calling for Armageddon. Perhaps they are, but how ignorant. It only goes to prove just how utterly misguided and uneducated their are. No man is God. Therefore, no man knows the hour.

      • At one point in my life, I took a Dale Carnegie course… And I am proud to announce right here… I won the daily prize for best student, most days, and at the end of the course I won the course prize for best student! I’m really not bragging. And I have never been a good businessman. The Dale Carnegie course I took was about becoming a better person. The entire course was based on the Golden Rule. Surprisingly, the first daily prize I won was for knowing the Golden Rule. I was surprised to find that no one else in class knew what it was. Or maybe I should say, no one else wanted to commit themselves publicly as knowing it. The real reason I won those prizes is because I’m not shy. I don’t know much, but I know this; practicing the Golden Rule is the key to personal happiness and peace.
        Thinking back on my experiences with the Dale Carnegie course, I would recommend it to anyone. It definitely was not what I was expecting. I was expecting one of those success oriented seminars with a lot of hokum that really doesn’t work in real life and makes people feel good about being selfish and self centered. The Dale Carnegie course, that I took, was none of that! It was a great lesson on being a decent human being.

      • I have heard similar comments about the Dale Carnegie courses.
        By the way, I commend you for putting yourself out there, bettering yourself. Much too often we encounter a few folks who see no need to become grounded. They already know they are far superior to anyone around them. We also know that this is the beginning of their great demise, unless, of course, you have enough money to surround yourself with “Yes” people. What a lonely thought.

        I like to play the Challenge Game. I learned it, or rather, taught it to myself years ago. It’s easy and works no matter where you find yourself. Here’s the jest of it: when you encounter a less-than-stellar person and one you will be transacting with, try to engage them in conversation…ask how their day it going and when they mumble and grumble, try to find something to entertain them with. Allow them to open up a wee bit. Find some little something to make them feel thankful you ‘fell’ into their day. Truthfully, we are all on a mission…a mission of brotherly and sisterly love.

        Giving the good of ourselves allows others to reflect upon their assets. We are all in this together. And we’ve each walked that the hard road. We all know how to make this world a better place. Each of us has a responsibility and no one is exempt.

        Have a great day and thanks again for sharing your story. ☀️

      • My uncle, the funniest and smartest person I ever knew, had this philosophy which he passed on to me…”Life is a carnival complete with fun, thrilling rides, freak shows, accidents and thieves and it’s the only show in town.

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