Pet Peeves/Anthropology 101: The Heritage Foundation

Pet Peeves: THINK TANK…
The Donut Hole Theory”




Thusly we cut spending and cut taxes for wealthy “Job Creators” like  Kim Kardashian . . . While the average American “saves” on shoes & socks . . .


. . . Critical thinking also disappears.

Funding education is essential NOT optional & everyone benefits.


. . . Say cheese!

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16 thoughts on “Pet Peeves/Anthropology 101: The Heritage Foundation

  1. Buffalo Tom, have you seen what’s taught in the schools? In my day job I read some of the writing of high school graduates. It looks kind of like this: “She ate diner witch was metlof cock in her oven.”

    A bad education is a death knell for our country no matter what political ideology.

    If you’re finished raiding the box, would you pass me a few of those doughnuts? 🙂

    • You are so right. I think my favorite sign of a bad education is when someone expresses themselves so poorly… I have no idea what they’re talking about.
      I rarely post anything political on my blog because I don’t feel it does any good. That being said, I live in a very conservative state and I am constantly bombarded by “conservative logic”… Here is the short list of my favorites, please remember I can never be a conservative supporter because I am blind and people with disabilities tend to be victimized by conservatives along with every other minority. Conservatives constantly undermine The Americans with Disabilities Act.
      Okay here’s my short list…
      1. The poorest and most disadvantaged children in the United States TRY to live in my city. The conservative response? Cut food stamps and cut Medicaid Services. The reason given for these cuts: “corporations and charities are waiting for government to get out of the way so they can provide for the poor.” Really? This is so disgusting and inhumane on so many levels I don’t know where to start, but let me say this, corporations are not “standing by” waiting for government to get out of the way so they can spend their profits feeding poor people and providing health care to poor children. IF THEY were interested in that, they would probably start by offering benefit packages, to their employees, that provide healthcare and more than minimum wage salaries.
      2. John Boehner, Republican Speaker of the House, in an interview: “Average Americans should vote for Republicans because if they win the lottery they don’t want to give all that money to the government in taxes.” Truth is… A handful of Americans winning the lottery are not average Americans. Any party whose designated “speaker” says stupid stuff like this will never get my vote.
      And finally…
      3. Mitch McConnell, Republican, then minority leader in the Senate announced the day after Barack Obama was elected President of the United States…”My number one priority is to see to it that Barack Obama is a one term president and never passes any legislation.” This is Mitch McConnell and the Republican Party’s idea of doing the people’s business… and didn’t Mitch McConnell have something better to do that day then say something as short-sighted as this?
      It isn’t surprising that conservatives don’t believe in funding education. Smart people don’t put up with this kind of nincompoopery.
      Don’t get me wrong… Democrats aren’t much better… But they are better.

      • I understand completely why most people shy away from political blogs. But everyone is entitled to their opinion until that inalienable right is buried under a ton of laws and lies, too.

        I’m very conservative, believing in the constitution and loathing how it’s being trampled on. But one of the things apparent to me is that while “left” and “right” are fighting, the republi-cats and demo-cans continue steadily along the same path. I’m all for finding our common interests and trying to stop the slight-of-hand that goes on in all areas of politics while we’re looking the other way.

        If Jeb and Hillary are the presidential candidates, I guarantee that we’re just voting in a different face plopped on top of the same suit (outfitted with ample puppet strings) The rhetoric will sound different, but the results will be the same. Lest we forget, Obama continue the Tarp giveaways and the “conflict” in the middle east that Bush began. And Reagan was the first to do an illegal alien amnesty. 🙂

      • I agree, we definitely do not need any more corporate candidates for president. A fascist is a fascist whether it’s Hillary Clinton or Jeb Bush. My candidate for president would be independent Bernie Sanders. He is definitely a progressive lefty just like me. 🙂
        I personally don’t care if people are Republicans or Democrats. What I do care about is living in a country filled with healthy and educated people. I want to live in a country that does not permit the strong and wealthy to victimize the weak and poor. I also believe that only educated people are truly free.
        My point is this: only an uneducated person would include winning the lottery in their retirement plans. That makes as much sense as expecting Walmart to match prices with the food bank. We live in a real world with real problems. I expect my elected representatives to take these problems seriously, I don’t believe they are paid to be flippant. It is a fact when I said the poorest children with the worst health care outcomes in the United States live in my city. Only an ignorant person believes cutting food stamps and cutting Medicaid is the answer.
        As I said, I don’t believe political opinion, political opinion blogs do any good. People believe what they believe and usually don’t change their minds until something happens directly to them. Here’s my example, which I believe supports my point… Former first lady, Nancy Reagan did not believe in stem cell research or funding it – and she was adamant in her opposition – until she was informed that stem cell research could have helped her husband, former President Ronald Reagan, who suffered from Alzheimers disease…. Even though Nancy Reagan now support stem cell research, it is STILL considered a hot potato in the Republican Party. I want my country to support science and education.

      • The unfortunate truth is that every one of us believe what we want to believe until something happens to directly affect us.

        Have you ever wondered how we were able to get past the stone age with so much greed, elitism and short-sightedness?

      • I believe it is our attraction to shiny objects that keeps us moving forward.😈 Unfortunately there is enough misery to go around providing plenty of experience, growth and epiphanies. “Mourn the losses because they are many and celebrate the victories because they are few.”
        I have served on city council commissions for the disabled. I have heard every conceivable excuse as to why it is not a good idea to consider people with disabilities…. Even if it’s free. One such commission was in Tuscumbia, Alabama. Helen Keller’s birth place. My service there was an absolute and utter joy. The city council member that organized and assembled our commission for the disabled, was a Republican and our strongest supporter. He didn’t want to live in a community where some of its citizens were isolated and felt rejected. He was also a strong supporter of education and civil rights.

  2. A good education opens doors, an excellent education creates them.

    Thank you, Tom. It is more important than ever before that we address this issue. We need leaders. They don’t ‘just’ happen, they are created. The public schools are in dire need of leadership. Dallas, Texas is a perfect example. I have watched school administrators and superintendents come and go through a revolving door. Between the City Council and the Dallas School System I wonder how this beautiful city has grown and become such a great place. And it is then that I remember, we exist because of the talents of those educated outside (for the most part), from other states and countries.

    • I’m as puzzled as you are. Americans are pretty tough and can take a lot of abuse. Six and a half years ago George W Bush gave away everyone’s life savings to the thieving Wall Street bankers and bankrupted the country and Mitt Romney says he will be running for president again…. Not to mention, another Bush has thrown his hat into the presidential ring.
      It has to be one or the other… Americans are either gluttons for punishment or stupid.

  3. Sadly, I think so many Americans have simply given up all hope. And even worse, I believe the wealthy run this country and our President is their puppet. The American Dream is a myth, long forgotten. The housing fiasco and the student loan mess provide two examples of the demise of our middle class.

    Folks are up in arms over the welfare system, Medicaid and Social Security. If the Government can distract us long enough, maybe, just maybe, we will throw our hands in the air and give in and give up and simply accept the way things have become.

    I don’t think so. My glass is always half full. I believe a letter written to an elected official can have an impact. A vote can chisel it into history. We may be tired, worn down a bit, but I am far from believing that we have given in and given up. We simply need to remind our elected officials who the real leaders of this great country are. There is no need for violence, no need to act like those in Washington D.C. All we have to do is stand and be counted.

    • In line with your comment, I believe we can trace it all back to Ronald Reagan, Reaganomics and supply side economics. Prior to Ronald Reagan’s presidency one income could support an entire family not to mention educate them. Reaganomics with its tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations that exist virtually tax free have successfully destroyed the middle class. Every presidential administration since Ronald Reagan has supported Reaganomics and the corporate takeover of our country.
      Like you, I am optimistic, I think people really don’t want this country run like Walmart…

  4. Reblogged this on Buffalo Tom Peabody's blog 2 and commented:

    Racist Republican Nazi fascist logic:
    Here’s how a republican Think Tank convinces stupid Republicans that “Smaller donut holes will lead to substantial savings on shoes thereby decreasing the national deficit… and also thin the herd so to speak.”
    You have to be a moron to be a Republican…

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