Fashion Cents-Less: Triple Play

Due to the overwhelming success of me and  Gunther’s SHOCKumentary film “Community College… The Movie” … We bring you our latest 3 films all at once!


“Go Away I’m Busy” is our latest feature film release!…



We’re so sure that you are going to love this movie that we’re releasing the prequel AND the sequel the SAME day as the feature film!

“Go Away I’ve Got Stuff To Do: The Prequel”…



… Don’t miss “GO Away I’m Very Busy: The Sequel”…




Don’t miss this limited 3 motion picture engagement!
Clear your calendar!
You are never too busy for a Buffalo Tom & Gunther Triple Feature!

Buffalo Tom & Gunther (Movie Moguls)

The 9 Lives Of Buffalo Tom Peabody & Gunther Tootie


5 thoughts on “Fashion Cents-Less: Triple Play

  1. I’m in! Sophia Loren and Elvis, how can we lose? Gregory Peck, does he have a speaking part with Sophia? Their voices would work beautifully together, and their beauty, matched.
    I won’t be busy. Send me the release date. Please allow bathroom breaks and popcorn soda run intermissions too. I’ll bring my bed pillow and toothbrush. Sounds like this triple feature may run several hours.
    Does Gunther have a date for the evening? I’m available. The beret did it for me.

  2. Gunther says he wants to release it as a boxed set. That way he can include the final film which is called “Get Lost I Said I Was Busy…DANG IT!” in this one, me and Gunther, are standing on the Academy Awards red carpet pulling focus from all of the stars wearing our tuxedos. Gunther runs up to all of the lady stars with his arms outstretched yelling “Mama! Mama?” and I was asking everyone if they had seen Joan Rivers because we needed to find her… She’s our ride! It was some of our best hi jinx and nincompoopery! Gunther also said that Lady Gaga wanted to see his birth certificate because she couldn’t remember him…
    Gunther said to tell you he would be happy to be your date at the Dallas premier.

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