eydTunes: What’s Going On?


This group is guaranteed 100% Soul-Free and 100% Dorky!


You should see their choreography! Lots of synchronized pointing and twirling! Snazzy!


They shattered musical stereotypes… Surprisingly they’re not a disco outfit!


And here’s something completely different…or not…


Namaste! (That’s Yogi for Toodles!)


The 9 Lives Of Buffalo Tom Peabody & Gunther Tootie


10 thoughts on “eydTunes: What’s Going On?

  1. The last one should be titled, “What’s New Pusseycat?” By the way, would you ask Mr. ‘Smooth Mew’ if I can have my hair product back?

    The Gaye’s look like they are Wearing cheap knock-off Star-Trek wannabe outfits. I wonder if they know Sade’s song, “Smooth Operator”?

      • Yes and from what I’ve read his father, a preacher, sort of had it in for Marvin his entire life! All of this having a horrible effect on Marvin’s life right up until the end. You’re right, his music is amazing!
        Another sad story from Motown is Florence Ballard from The Supremes. Just imagine, it was her group… She named them and was the founder of the group. The Supremes were her dream, she was the dream girl. There wouldn’t be any Supremes if it wasn’t for Florence Ballard. They threw her out of the group and told her all of the money that was supposed to be in a trust fund was gone… She had to sue for a small sum. At the very least she should have been a very wealthy woman. She died broke and broken.

      • Greed, it’s amazing what power and money does to some people, and yet there are others who dedicate their money and influence to help others in great need. Life, we must remember the past, work toward a better world for those deserving hope and justice.

      • Well said. It’s hard to accept that there can be people without conscience but that can be the only explanation and wouldn’t that be the same as living without feeling? I’ve known people who rationalize their bad behavior in crazy ways. What’s that old saying? “Whatever lets you sleep at night?”

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