eyeTunes: It Takes Two




Where’s Beverly?


. . .


If you have seen Beverly, please call 911!




The 9 Lives Of Buffalo Tom Peabody & Gunther Tootie


11 thoughts on “eyeTunes: It Takes Two

    • I know exactly what you mean. I think Edgar Bergen was probably the least weird of the ventriloquist but even he was pretty weird. I’m sure there has to be some kind of psychological… Something… behind the desire to be a ventriloquist. Even today, with modern technology, the dummies are really creepy. It has to be something in the mind of the ventriloquist.😨

  1. You don’t think he tried to rekindle their love and when she refused he had a black market hit put out for her voice box, do ya?

    Who knows, maybe she is alive and well, barefoot and pregnant and trying to wrestle with their fourteen Pinocchio-style children. Home schooling a crew like that could really tie a person down, (not to mention, make a human pin cushion out of a person), especially when we know she has to ‘lend’ her voice backstage at any one of his events.

    And then there’s always this thought, maybe this is an imposter trying to cash in on fame and fortune. You know what they say, “There’s a fool around every corner.”

    I have no clue. My lips are sealed. Clowns and wooden dummies scare the BeeGeeJusses out of me.

    • Hahahahaha!… Pinocchio-style children! Hahahahaha! Great one! The lack of supervision between Erick and Beverly is disconcerting. I imagine the “split” caused quite a stir in ventriloquism circles. But, as you say, it may just be a professional break up.🎭

  2. Their hair seems to be manufactured from the same place. Creep-ums!!!

    Maybe Bev ran off with the Oscar Mayer Weiner man, the first guy who showed an interest in baring his…uh…soul to her? 🙂

    • Lol! They do have really creepy hair. I guess I need to go shopping online for a dummy to see if creepy ones are the only ones available. If better dummies are available I think that says a lot about the people buying them.💆

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