Hoist With One’s Own Petard

Every year I eat the Easter Bunny . . .
News Flash!


Republican leadership claims… “liberal Bunny Chow manufacturer is creating Human/Bunny Hybrid in an effort to promote a communist takeover of the United States!”

Buffalo Tom Peabody responds…
“As usual Fox/Faux News is FULL O’ CRAP-OLA and I don’t like them using my misfortune as a photo-op! Read my feature story in SUPER NATURE Magazine for the trueΒ  story behind my heart wrenching mishap and heroic recovery!”
What are they putting in Bunny Chow?!?


More from Fox/Faux News…


(That’s Yogi for Happy Easter and watching Fox/Faux News makes you dumber…and Toodles!)

The 9 Lives Of Buffalo Tom Peabody & Gunther Tootie


14 thoughts on “Hoist With One’s Own Petard

  1. You know how I feel about Dems and Reps–they’re a different head plopped on top of the same suit. πŸ™‚

    I just couldn’t resist:
    Democratic leadership claims, “Obama is not the Easter Bunny, no matter how many eggs he’s laid.” MSNBC: MiSsing NewsButlotsofCommercials. πŸ™‚

    • Lol! There is one difference… All by themselves… With no help from the Democrats… Republicans in the House of Representatives recently introduced a reduction to Social Security disability payments by 20 percent. That’s one way to get a tax cut for the wealthy… On the backs of the poor, sick & disabled.

      • I suppose we could continue to “print” digital money. Problem is, that the politicians left, right, middle and sideways all seem to have the common sense of a turnip. Then they try to sold the problem by destroying the garden they grow in. πŸ™‚

      • president obama has brought deficit spending to an all-time low. You can google the facts.You certainly won’t get them from bill o’reilly & sean hannity, they are too busy telling women they are not smart enough to make their own healthcare decisions… They didn’t think women were smart enough to vote until democrats and women convinced them in 1920. Republican seem to have a problem with anybody who isn’t a rich white guy. You can have them. They don’t like women. Why women would want to belong to or support a group that has no respect for women is a mystery.

      • A little known fact is the Democrats and Republicans in the 1940’s weren’t what most people think. My mother was registered as a Democrat but she was quite conservative. Each party did a flip-flop along the way, an event that angered her for the remainder of her life. From what I’ve seen (and experienced), there are men in both parties who deeply respect women and men in both parties who don’t. I’m an independent voter who looks up the qualifications of each candidate and what is said about them before choosing. What I know about Obama is that he has taken more expensive vacations than any other president–and only History will decide if he’s a Nero or a Hero. πŸ™‚

      • I don’t think it is a little known fact that the parties have changed over the years… Republicans definitely are no longer the party of Lincoln. If they were African Americans wouldn’t despise Republicans as they do. This also does not agree with your original statement that there is no difference between the two parties. I do agree with you, most Independents are just disgruntled Republicans… Conservatives who are tired of being associated with the Republican Party… But it doesn’t say much for Independents when they always vote Republican. What is happening in Indiana right now, is a perfect example of conservatism. This is not an isolated incident, it’s business as usual for conservatives. You are also correct, there are good Republicans and conservatives… It’s too bad that they are outnumbered by the crazies in the conservative movement. Freedom is for everybody. EVERYBODY. A good place for conservatives to start would be… Stop fighting against civil rights. A good place for Independents AND conservatives to start… Cut loose the Republican Party and stop voting for Republicans. If you vote for them and support them… You are one of them.
        How about if conservatives bring back some of those great Republicans like Dwight Eisenhower. Eisenhower believed we should invest in America and Americans.

      • My point is that the differences between the party platforms and what they do when they get elected, are disturbing (and that’s putting it mildly). TARP, war, these were continued, and the NDAA was renewed by members of both parties.

        The real civil rights are the right to free speech, the right to expect that police won’t kick in your door without a warrant, and the constitutional rights that provide for individual liberties. i.e., it’s not free speech if someone of color can call me a derogatory name and tell me to my face that I should be killed, but if I called him/her a derogatory name and say the same thing, I’d be in jail for a hate crime.

        Eisenhower warned us about the military industrial complex. For that many people are grateful.

        I am appalled that the NSA can collect private data without regard to our constitutional rights, or that people in the US can consider “collateral damage” from drone strikes on other countries acceptable. Our founders warned against fighting wars on foreign soil. We didn’t listen to that any better than we listened Eisenhower.

        You have a fun blog, and I like your sense of humor, So “plunge” forward with the entertainment. It’s a great way to get ones mind off the clowns in Washington. πŸ™‚

      • It sounds like you have huge issues with conservatives and Republicans. Why you support them, I don’t know. Check out senator Bernie Sanders. He’s the only candidate that fits your desires. He is a progressive and socialist. S far away from the party that you support. Average Americans have nothing in common with conservatives. And as far as your civil rights argument that is straight from Fox News. minorities are not looking for special rights and they do not get them. They do not have the right to insult you or harm you and get away with it. people want equal rights. everyone knows that is fair however conservatives cannot get votes if they don’t convince you that minorities want special rights. Conservatives and Republicans and libertarians are not satisfying your political wish list. Think it over. Check out Bernie Sanders. He will put those stinky Wall Street conservatives in prison plus much much more. He’s really worth checking out.

        Also Google the damage that Fox News does to its viewers. The misinformation dispensed by Fox News is staggering. My personal opinion is all conservatives and Republicans are liars. No one would vote for them if they told the truth. If you are an average American you have nothing in common with Mitt Romney and the rest of his conservative crowd. It is also my personal opinion that many poor people who support conservatives and Republicans do so because they are suffering from the Stockholm Syndrome. Did George W Bush did not make it clear to you what conservatives and Republicans are all about you will never ever ever figure it out.

        Conservatives and Republicans are notorious for their negative attitudes… Always saying no to everything. my personal opinion is that this comes from their negative experiences with other people. A negative experience that comes from other people not thinking conservatives are special. It is also my personal opinion that you cannot be a Republican and a Christian. Personally, I am a secular humanist and believe that religion has no place in our government. Look what religion has done for the governments of Iran and Iraq.
        Finally, I’m disgusted by the Conservatives notion of smaller government while also thinking it’s necessary to track every pregnancy in the country to be sure that it goes the way conservatives and Republicans think it should go. A small government can’t do this sort of thing. A small government can’t keep track of people the way Republicans and conservatives want to keep track of people. Just think about it.

      • You’re mistaking people who believe in the constitution with people who have an allegiance to one or the other party. Before you continue to try to persuade others, read more than the rhetoric that is spit out by either “side.” I guarantee it’s a painful experience to find out that neither side has your best interest at heart. Do some research, cry at what we’ve lost in this country, use some critical thinking, then get back to me.

      • You are really all over the map with your argument. You don’t respond you just slip away. All of your complaints and your original argument were caused by conservatives and the Republican Party and a few libertarians thrown in for good measure. You sound exactly like 30 minutes of Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly or Glenn Beck. You claim that minorities have special rights that you don’t have. White people are not oppressed in America. Christian’s are not oppressed in America. You sound very angry. You sound anti-government. In other words you sound like the Fox fake news channel. Turn it off. You will feel better. Much better. Mitt Romney, himself, admitted that the Republican Party has nothing for the majority of Americans. Why can’t you believe him? ( that’s a rhetorical question, I know why you can’t believe him.)

      • Not all conservatives are Christian or ultra religious, just as not all liberals are atheists who believe that big government is the next best thing to nirvana. In other words, the moment a person keeps spilling out stereotypes, it’s time to say “Do some research.”

        I don’t like Fox news, nor any of the other mainstream news programs. I search out international news to find the stories you won’t see otherwise. Take a look at who owns Fox, NBC, CBS and CNN. Read about the news anchors who have left these programs.

        We are being lied to…by both parties. I’m simply telling you that there’s more to what is going on in the world than the smokescreen of a dividing line between liberal/conservative & brown/beige.

        Again, I urge you to do research outside your comfort zone and then talk to me about what you find. Until that happens, all I’m going to get is the same regurgitated rhetoric I swallowed for so many years–until I did my own research.

        Whether we ever see eye to eye on politics, I’m going to continue enjoying your zany sense of blimp and plunger humor.

      • Sorry, I will never be an anti-government conspiracy theorist. You have so many complaints, maybe you should serve in government and do something about them. I have.
        Political differences cannot be solved in comment boxes on blogs and Facebook. I do not expect to change your mind nor would I want to do so. I’m from Alabama I know the environment.

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