Fashion Cents-Less: It’s A Small World

Here is the story of how I got my start in show business…


Here is an early promotional photo of our group…


(I have always been ahead of my time. My good friend, Ferd, is holding an early Prototype of the Peabody Plunger!)

It was very difficult organizing a group of performing midgets and Hans had his work cut out for him but he was very good to us, we got lots of coffee breaks and he supplied us with all the free cigarettes anyone could smoke! He always encouraged us to smoke and drink lots of coffee … Later on Hans began deducting the cost of the cigarettes from our paychecks… (Hans would dispense generic brand cigarettes and charge everyone for name brand cigarettes… this began to erode the morale of our group.)
Eventually, Hans just started paying everyone in coffee and cigarettes …


It was almost like he was trying to stunt our growth. We would rehearse each day for 30 minutes and then take a 7 hour coffee break… Funny thing, Hans was a Republican and yet gave us more breaks than the Musicians Union demanded!


Everybody was really nervous all the time and developed a severe smoker’s cough!
Everybody was so “short” of breath that we started taking breaks DURING our performances!


I finally had enough! As a non-smoker I just had to quit… I didn’t think I would ever get the smell of cigarette smoke out of my fur!


Well, as luck would have it, that’s when I met my friend Tom Waits!


Tom takes cigarette breaks during his performances too…

(Tbat’s Yogi for… It’s a small world after all… & Toodles!)


The 9 Lives Of Buffalo Tom Peabody & Gunther Tootie


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