Detective Tootie: The Verdict Is In!



Dateline:Tallahassee, Florida
May13, 2015
Detective Gunther Tootie, Undercover Cop reporting:

The verdict in the Fancy (pronounced Fauncey) Brainstone murder trial is in!



Fancy Brainstone, accused of feeding her son, Chumlee Brainstone, to an alligator was convicted on murder charges today.


Here are the exclusive photographs that were entered into evidence against Fancy! (It is believed these photographs led to her conviction!)
Here you see Fancy aka “The Gator Whisperer”, as a child, riding her pet Gator Mr Fluffy Teeth…


In this next photo, Fancy feeds half & half to a pet baby alligator while she feeds her twin boys…Friskies cat food…


And finally… Here is the photo that sealed Fancy’s fate.  It is believed that this is the last photo ever taken of poor little Chumlee Brainstone… It was found on Fancy’s smartphone when she was arrested…


Needless to say, the jury was horrified as District Attorney, Florian Burnem, presented his case against Fancy.

Floridians were further shocked to learn of a little known sentencing law that is part of Stand Your Ground! Similar to Sharia Law, after the verdict was announced, Fancy was led directly from the courtroom and fed to an awaiting alligator!


When reached for comment, Phoenicia Brainstone-Tubbalardi,  Fancy’s mother, had this to say…


Well, there you have it!

Stay tuned to Buffalo Tom Peabody’s blog because Phoenicia, along with Chumlee’s twin brother, Chauncey, have been indicted on separate charges and are awaiting trial!

Yours truly,
Detective Gunther Tootie, Undercover Cop & 3rd Grader (Honor Roll)


The 9 Lives Of Buffalo Tom Peabody & Gunther Tootie


5 thoughts on “Detective Tootie: The Verdict Is In!

  1. The thrilling climax! That was quite a sentence, and carried out so swiftly too. I can’t wait to find out what the others have been charged with. If Detective Tootie is on the case I’m sure a guilty verdict is assured 🙂

    • Hi, draliman!
      Even I was shocked by the outcome! I knew she was guilty but I figured she would get an appeal. Weird things are going on in Florida! I just hope democratic justice doesn’t get lost in the shuffle. Buffalo Tom says people are weird down here because their drinking water has already been through everybody up north before it gets here…. Lol! :mrgreen:😷😝
      ^^ Gunther

  2. Fantastic (wind) breaking news. More of the bad guys should be fed to the gators but, unfortunately, gators have better taste, preferring to eat turtles, & fish and chip(monks) dinners. 🙂

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