Iggy: Pie & Sprinkles











(Ignatius “IGGY” Rattlebottom-Bunn
^^Comment-Tater on buffalotompeabodyblog.com)

The 9 Lives Of Buffalo Tom Peabody & Gunther Tootie

16 thoughts on “Iggy: Pie & Sprinkles

  1. Lmao! I didn’t know they had underpants like that… problem would be, shep standing up straight and noticed at times he shouldn’t be.

    Disturbing cinematic moments… lol

    I though this guy had his arse on back to front at first… thankfully he doesn’t or iggy might have fallen in the crack.

    • Lol! I really don’t understand the underpants. For me, it’s all about comfort! I’ve been accused of not changing my underpants for long periods of time and waiting for them to rot off. Which, by the way, isn’t true… When I find a comfy pair of underpants I like to stick with them for a while.😊👍

      • You nailed it. As an example, the anxiety attack I get when entering an airport consumes a lot of energy (I’m so afraid of my 106 pound body running into someone and hurting them–or perhaps the 13 pounds of purse and computer on each shoulder pounding into someone) but then I’ll jump off a cliff with a French guy I don’t know and rely on his parachute so that I can see the striations in mountains from the air. 😀

      • Lol! I guess the best thing to do is just hang in there and keep on swinging. Anxiety seems to cause people to withdraw… Until they get medication… At which point I want them to withdraw. lol! I think xanax ( it’s the same backwards as it is forward) is the drug most take for anxiety and it makes people annoying and unnaturally agreeable.

      • My body seems to find the side effects that aren’t on the labels. Or has the opposite reaction (like a panic attack after being given “laughing gas” by the dentist). More than one doctor has apologized for scoffing at my side-effect report when they find that it really IS a side-effect that wasn’t listed by the drug company. I learned many years ago that meditation, laughter and writing work much, much better than medication. 🙂

    • Lol! At first, I thought you were referring to WD Cowan the 720 pound man… I’m pretty sure his underpants are custom made.
      I’ll bet somebody still makes those ManMate briefs because the product’s spelling was available as a TTS spelling choice on my android keyboard! Not to mention, amazon has everything. 👍
      Hey! Didn’t you recently moved to Las Vegas? If so, I hope everything is going great and you love it!
      ^^ Iggy
      (Ignatius “IGGY” Rattlebottom-Bunn
      ^^Comment-Tater/Tech Support on buffalotompeabodyblog.wordpress.com)

      • Yes! In Vegas now…and LOVIN’ IT! But temps are to break a June 20th record tomorrow at 115 degrees. Sweatin’ and lovin’ it in Vegas. 🙂

      • I’m glad to hear that and I’m sure you will be able to beat the heat. I’ve been to Las Vegas many times. It’s a beautiful city and I’m not a gambler.

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