I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night

The Comment-Tater…


First, I was floating, carefree, high above the New York City skyline… Until…


Then, I was looking for a “new” me… Fashion Senseless…


But I don’t have the Quadruple D’s… I’m a boy!



. . . aka The Wisenheimer Fuzz-Cut… I like it!


… But I don’t have the Double D’s!


Then… My dream turned into the most horrible nightmare…



Let me know which hairstyle you think best suits me! I’m leaning toward The Mushroom. Wash & Wear!

Your best friend,


The 9 Lives Of Buffalo Tom Peabody & Gunther Tootie


21 thoughts on “I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night

      • He doesn’t look the same anymore. 🙂

        Karma is remembering how we made fun of old people and then waking up one day to realize we’re now the ones being made fun of.

      • My brilliant mother taught me the most important lesson one person can teach another. At every opportunity she would say, “Remember, everytime you look at another person, whether they’re old, sick, or poor… You are looking at yourself. Treat all people with love and respect, be a help and never a hindrance.” I heard this a million times growing up. It was her way of passing on The Golden Rule. She also lived by these rules. I would say, this may very well be the true Meaning Of Life. You are right about poking fun at old people, I think we do it out of fear of the inevitable ….our own mortality. Lol! Whistling through the graveyard.

      • Your mother was very wise to teach you the golden rule. Did you know that every major religion has some form or another of the golden rule?

  1. I’m not sure. I’m going to have to sleep on it. Decisions like this take time. If you get hasty and dive right in, you may regret the style and have to wait for it to grow back out. In the meantime you’ll be cursing the gods for your wrong ‘looks’.
    Go to bed, Iggs. Sleep on it.
    Call me in the morning.

    • Lol! The next time I visit my hair stylist, Mr Frizz, I’ll show him that photo on my android! I’m sure he has lots of products, he would be glad to sell me, that will make my hair look thicker.😨
      ^^ IGGY

    • Thanks, Juls! People are always laughing at me so I get worried about my looks. I used to think they were laughing because I’m so short and waddle when I walk. You make me feel good about myself. Thanks a million! 😊👍🐒
      ^^ IGGY

    • Hi, Lucy! The Clint Eastwood look definitely brings out my eyes and the chestnut color compliments my complexion. Buffalo Tom says that the Clint Eastwood look would make me a “chick magnet!” 👍👍
      ^^ Iggy

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