Hump Day Hi-Jinx






Here is the most recent photo from Buffalo Tom and Gunther… Somewhere out there on vacation…


Happy Hump Day!
Your best friend,


Remember, if you can’t say something nice… put it in a Haiku2!
Coming to a city near you…


The 9 Lives Of Buffalo Tom Peabody & Gunther Tootie


11 thoughts on “Hump Day Hi-Jinx

  1. This is more thrilling than the latest Trump diatribe.

    I should have known Gunther and Tootie were hanging out with Tom. It’s all beginning to make sense now.

    Oh, before I forget, did you hear where Donnie Trumpet would find Barbie (“I can see Russia from my backyard.” (or was it her front yard? or was it from her house?) as a person on his staff?

    Was my Haiku a 2, or was it just a jumbled up paragraph? Where is Floridaborne when I need her?

    Seriously, Buffalo Tom, can I ride that campaign bus? I’d like to be an eyewitness reporter. I think I can see Fort Worth from Dallas.

    • Hahaha! Thanks for a great belly laugh this morning! The elegant beauty of Haiku2 is there are no rules. Up until now, no one knew what to call random angry mutterings! it’s Haiku2! Haiku2 is the pressure release valve we have all been waiting for. Right now I’m working on Haiku3 which is Pig Latin Haiku2 and Haiku4 which is Yiddish Haiku2! I think I will be up to my ears and best sellers for quite some time to come! I get all fichimmeled just thinking about it. Oye vey!šŸ‘šŸ’
      ^^ IGGY ^^

      • Lol! Speaking of Indonesian coffee beans! Speech typing will never be able to spell this correctly but the best coffee I’ve ever had was mcoffee beans. Speech typing failure for the coffee beans put it starts with an M and ends with ippi.šŸµšŸ‘
        ^^ IGGY

      • A Sumatran coffee, Mandheling!!!! A bold, very distinguishable coffee. It rolls across your taste buds and lingers aromatically at the back of the throat. It’s splendid. Try Celebes, sometimes referred to as Sulawesi, sometimes marketed under the name, Kalossi. It’s my number one favorite. Not as bold as the Sumatra, but has a very definitive acidity that unwraps itself gently and lingers even longer than the Mandheling.

      • Coffee is a perfect example of the wonderful and mysterious world we live in! There is a lifetime of discoveries just waiting out there! thanks for the coffee tips! I will wear my mystic turban while enjoying them!
        ^^ IGGY ^^

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