IGGY: Thursday Doors



It all started yesterday when I was in my office/garage-type space uploading yesterday’s WordPress post from my full body massage recliner…
A sock monkey-napper jimmied the lock on the sliding glass door of my bedroom and made off with my snuggle monkey, Snuggs!
The Godfather, Don Vito saw what happened while reading Buffalo Tom Peabody’s blog and organized a search and rescue mission!
Our good friends, Marilyn Monroe and Steve McQueen joined in.


I couldn’t bear the thought of Chris Christie sitting on little Snuggs!




The “PERP” was immediately apprehended by authorities!

Ok, here’s the Thursday Doors part…
I called our neighbor, Ed the handyman and had him come over and fix the broken door…


I also had Ed install a surprise for Buffalo Tom!


Buffalo Tom is ALWAYS running through the house yelling. . . “Out of my way… Emergency Poop!”

Your best friend,


The 9 Lives Of Buffalo Tom Peabody & Gunther Tootie


12 thoughts on “IGGY: Thursday Doors

  1. I love this! The political commentary, the ransom, the whole story! Thank you Marilyn for helping ensure Snuggs didn’t end up in Christie’s seat cushion and become a Snuggs pancake!!!!

    Also, Iggy, I love your full name! If you ever want to write a guest post at the BoFN about life as a funny named primate, we’d love to have you!

    • Thanks, Dave! I try to stay clear of politics. The right wing goes crazy when you point out how crazy they are. The really crazy ones call themselves Libertarians and “undecided”… And for some crazy reason they always end up voting for the crazy Republican candidate. lol!
      ^^ IGGY ^^

      • I’m impressed Iggy! You strike me as an extremely aware primate!

        “Undecided” is the most bizarre blanket description in American politics – it’s a nice cop out if you don’t want to declare your views, but want to sound like you’re taking the high road!

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