I Remember Mama





Have a great sunday and eat your pie!

Your best friend,


The 9 Lives Of Buffalo Tom Peabody & Gunther Tootie


11 thoughts on “I Remember Mama

  1. Donnie Trumpet . We must find a name for his hair style. It’s somewhere between a comb-over, a wedge and a paste and plaster. I simply can’t figure it out.
    Maybe he’s actually a big fat pig in disguise. You know, one with a nose bleed?

    He has been nominated by my crew ( 3 cats and a dog), as wasted kibble.

    • Lol! I have often wondered if outward signs of disorderliness , such as weird hair styles aren’t a sign of inner disorderliness. I guess what I’m trying to say is, maybe he’s just nuts because he must like his hair that way or why else would he go to all the trouble? Surely he knows people make fun of it and he thinks we’re crazy… Some people call it quirky… I think he’s insane. 💩😝
      ^^ IGGY ^^

      • He and Jerry Jones were cut from the same cloth. Megalomaniacs. They are right about everything. Their chit don’t stink. Money is their answer for any, and all things. Saint Peter is going to take one look at that stuff and burn it in their hands. Gabriel’s flute will be silent. The gates going to fly shut so fast that both of them will be sent orbiting backwards thru time and when they finally arrive back on Earth the dinosaurs will be coming into vogue.

      • Good one! One of those pioneering psychoanalyst types said people do things because they get something emotionally or physically out of it… If that’s true… Run from this bunch! 🏃😨
        ^^ IGGY ^^

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