The Letters




Buffalo Tom, Gunther and I have been invited to attend Hogwarts! I didn’t even know we were Wizards…


I need to locate Buffalo Tom and Gunther and tell them the terrific news!





… At least, He Who Must Not Be Named wasn’t replaced by Donald Trump!



Stay tuned!

Your best friend,

The 9 Lives Of Buffalo Tom Peabody & Gunther Tootie


17 thoughts on “The Letters

    • Lol! Me and Gunther have been trying to get into Hogwarts for years! Iggy, with all of his connections, was able to get us all in! Hogwarts will probably throw us out… So we’re keeping our desks at Sweet Home Elementary! Lol! πŸ‘πŸ˜Š
      ^^ Buffalo Tom ^^

  1. Owl did the letters get to ye… through chimney? Are you sure they’re real and not a trap by chucky in the name of he who must not… bloody hell! That take too long to say, Chucky sound better and is a lot easier anyway πŸ˜€ Watch out you don’t get hit by the train on 9/3/4!

    • Lol! This morning when I went into the kitchen to fix my breakfast, I noticed there was owl poop on the counter and a big owl sitting on the faucet! The first letter I opened was a howler which screamed, “Buffalo Tom, none of your hi jinx, shenanigans or nincompoopery while attending Hogwarts!” so I knew it was legit because Professor McGonagall had heard of Buffalo Tom.
      I cleaned up the owl poop and put it in a little box and sent it back, with the owl, to Hogwarts! Lol!
      ^^ IGGY ^^

    • Lol! Remember, back in the spring when Fancy (pronounced Fauuncey) Brainstone was convicted for feeding Chumlee to an alligator? She was immediately marched out of the courtroom and fed to an awaiting alligator. I know it’s hard to keep up with all of the crap that goes on around here. Lol! And I do mean crap. Gunther will be updating Chauncey Brainstone & Phoenicia Brainstone-Tubbalardi’s current situation. πŸ‘πŸ˜¨
      ^^ IGGY ^^

      • Dang, your right, that girl’s gone! (Old ladies minds are a bit slow, so sorry.)

        Yes, we must have more updates. In the mean time, can you tell me where common sense went? I saw Donnie Trumpet’s poll numbers and had to go to bed with a migraine.😳

      • Lol! I keep reminding myself, 4 years ago Michele Bachmann was the front runner… I guess it’s true, crazy people need heroes too. I think this age will be known as “the age when crazy people just let it all hang out.” crazy people blurting out whatever enters their mind! It used to be called Tourette’s syndrome. 👍:o😝👎
        ^^ IGGY ^^

      • My new slogan for both parties, “Dumb and clueless are the virtues of our success!”

        Oh lord, I’m driving to Sam’s. I need a case of Advil. This fantasy carpet ride has just begun. Before we know it, Bristol Palin could be a front runner!

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