A&Q: Jeopardy (part 2)

Continuing from yesterday…







Later, the same day…


(That’s Yogi for… Don’t try to understand or reason with crazy people, just run!…& Toodles!)

Your best friends,
Buffalo Tom, Gunther & Iggy

The 9 Lives Of Buffalo Tom Peabody & Gunther Tootie


10 thoughts on “A&Q: Jeopardy (part 2)

      • WHEW! I’m glad Joan didn’t go after Buffalo Tom like she usually does because he wasn’t wearing his football helmet! We weren’t expecting to see her on the Jeopardy set! Gunther thinks that one of the producers on Jeopardy heard about the long-running Crawford/Peabody Feud and thought it would make good television! I’m just glad that Ali MacGraw didn’t show up! Buffalo Tom gets so distracted by her weird front tooth that he can’t concentrate! This, of course, makes Ali really mad and so she wants to beat him up also! Oh! If anyone has a nightmare about Joan Crawford? Just tell them to drink a Coca Cola in front of her… That usually makes her mad and she goes away! 👍🙉🙈🙊
        ^^ Iggy

      • I’m running out for a case of Coca Cola right now!

        I threw out all of my wire hangers, too. These plastic ones hopefully won’t prove to her liking.

        True story: my former MIL was one of Joan’s best friends. They vacationed together two weeks each summer. This is a small world.

        (No, I am not a famous person.)


      • It’s good to hear that Joan had some normal friends! Her reputation certainly takes a beating from the film Mommie Dearest and my blog! Lol! If she wasn’t an icon, no one would pick on her. 👍
        ^^ BT

      • I never met her, but my former MIL was quite a likeable person.

        Let’s hope Joan had a good side to her, too. Her poor daughter suffered greatly if we are to believe in the movie portrayal.

      • It seems like most celebrities are celebrities because they crave the affection and approval of strangers… In the same way that crazy people do. A friend once said about a celebrity we were working with, “Wouldn’t you hate to be her twin and need a kidney transplant donor?” I think all narcissists suffer from this affliction. 👎😯
        ^^ BT

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