Saturday Monkey Business








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The 9 Lives Of Buffalo Tom Peabody & Gunther Tootie


13 thoughts on “Saturday Monkey Business

      • Oh – BY FAR!! You don’t have strong characters today like you did in their day. Like Barbara Stanwyck – what female today could play the lead over 3 strong males roles like she did in Big Valley? I fear those days are long gone….

      • You are so right! Don’t get me started on Barbara Stanwyck especially her performance in Stella Dallas! She was definitely among the very best! Have you seen any of the old comedies with Thelma Todd and Patsy Kelly? Both are brilliant! Patsy Kelly turned up in many many movies and TV programs over the decades. Thelma Todd died a bizarre death in the mid 1930s. Thelma was beautiful and could play any role perfectly. Patsy was one of those naturally hilarious people. Patsy Kelly was in one of those airline disaster films of the 1950s. she played a movie star’s agent and one of her lines was: “Actors don’t have mothers… They give birth to themselves!”

  1. I dyed my hair and purchased that pants suit for our date. You never showed! I finally went over to the other side, joining the Lime Green, Shades-of-Plenty tanned Mennonite’s. We broke off from the neighboring townsfolk, Mennoniteville, when they refused to offer our lotion in their country store. They said it did not meet their standards. They discovered we had chosen to buy our coconut oil from a band of rogue Amish kids. Somehow they did not buy the gangs story that coconut palms grew within a grove down by an abandoned steel mill in Pennsylvania. Such a shame, too, every other school kid enjoys the incentive of earning prizes when pedaling their schools fundraisers.

    • Lol! I’ll bet tanning on Miami beaches plays havoc with their blood pressure medicine! However, all of the sweating would get rid of the excess salt in the bloodstream which creates arterial plaque! So that tough and leathery skin may be an indicator of superior cardio-vascular health!
      … So you’re telling me coconut oil does not come from Pennsylvania? 🙈🙊🙉😲
      ^^ Iggy

      • Those boys fibbed. Pennzoil is actually a Rhode Island product. And those Amish boys? They weren’t trying to raise money for a school fundraiser. Seems they were wanting the cash for a barn raising. They are taking up production of Emu oil.

      • It might be time for Gunther to investigate! I’ll bet Donald Chump is behind it all! We should probably stay away from oil altogether until this is sorted out! It could be some kind of Amish cartel at work! Once they get their hands on our peanut oil supply… We are all doomed! 😢👀 vigilance!
        ^^ Iggy

      • OMG! You have me rolling on the floor. Donnie gets word of this and Vaseline Hair Tonic will be in jeopardy, too.

        Get the Igster on this ASAP. I’ll call in some of my friends as back-up.

      • Gunther says to tell you, if Donald Chump is behind this greasy mess maybe we can get the same judge to convict him that had Fancy (Pronounced Fauncey) Brainstone fed to an alligator! 🐊👍
        ^^ Iggy

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