Gunther: This Is A Test



Buffalo Tom  would like Joan Crawford to see what he found in  a junk shop… located next door to the Shell Station on the corner… He got this mask and a 2nd hand copy of “Whatever Happened To Baby Jane?” starring Miss Bette Davis on dvd… for a quarter… Sorry, all sales are final…


Your best friends,
Gunther & Buffalo Tpm


The 9 Lives Of Buffalo Tom Peabody & Gunther Tootie


7 thoughts on “Gunther: This Is A Test

    • Ha ha ha ha ha! I’m always Count Buffalo Tom Peabody for holler-ween! I might use the Joan Crawford mask to make Ali MacGraw think she is being haunted by Joan Crawford! Maybe that will scare her off and make her stop stalking me…. The beauty of buffalo tom peabody’s blog is none of this has to make any sense. Lol!

  1. Mr. Pukey or Stabby the Clown get my vote. Though Stabby somehow has managed to look more sinister than them all. Maybe that unbreaking stare….

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