Friday Photo Exclusive!


My drone-cam photo also shows Ali is a mouth breather and snores quite heavily… At first, I thought the audio was from an earlier Ernest Borgnine sleep video recorded by his wife, Tova Borgnine in order to win a bet we had going at the time.


Wouldn’t you hate to be the one that has to floss that?

Frankly, I don’t see why Ali is getting so bent out of shape! All I’m saying is… She has a weird crooked tooth that I can’t take my eyes off and she snores like Ernest Borgnine.


We’re still waiting for Ali to do something about her “Mystic Mesmer-Tooth”… I can’t take my eyes off it!  …It’s a cat-type thing!

So, don’t miss any of the exciting  installments of this  new series. . . “There’s A Fungus Among Us”
Co-starring Joan Crawford!


The 9 Lives Of Buffalo Tom Peabody & Gunther Tootie


9 thoughts on “Friday Photo Exclusive!

    • Thank you, so much! I wanted to thank you 4 directing me to Amy Goodman’s YouTube channel, in one of your recent posts! She is brilliant and her straightforward and unbiased news summaries daily essential for me! Thank you, Dr. Rex!
      Here is Amy’s link for anyone who is interested.

      • You are most welcome! I’m glad you found her. She’s very good. She also has a Facebook page … Democracy Now! Based in NYC. Hugs … 🌹

    • A couple years ago when she and Ryan O’Neal had their Love Letters play, Ali gave some really good candid interviews about her life and career. in the past she took a lot of heat for the end of her marriage/relationship with Steve McQueen.
      In his interviews, Ryan O’Neal, just sounded crazy. 😨

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