Holler-Day Miracles






Happy Holler-Days!
Your best friends,
Buffalo Tom, Gunther  & Iggy

The 9 Lives Of Buffalo Tom Peabody & Gunther Tootie


2 thoughts on “Holler-Day Miracles

  1. I’ll be first in line for that self decorating tree. Oh, by the way, does it I decorate and store itself after the holidays?

    I watched the latest debate. At one point I thought Jebbers and Trumpet were going to go fist-a-cuffs on us.

    • Lol! the self decorating Christmas tree is like a lease arrangement. When Christmas is over it takes off your ornaments and decorations and beats feet for the Christmas tree farm! no muss no fuss!
      I’m pretty much done with Republicans. I’ve watched them over the years make fun of and ridicule… Publicly… People with disabilities. George W Bush making fun of a legally blind reporter, Rush Limbaugh ridiculing Michael J Fox’ Parkinson’s disease… Republicans bash everybody. The budget and funding cuts for our severely disabled war veterans was the final straw for me. “We the people” ARE the government of the United States… It should be working for all of us not just rich people. When conservatives and Republicans say they don’t like “government”… it’s “code” for they don’t like you… Their legislative record and the way they treat disabled and poor people proves it. As a blind man, I cannot support the indecency of the Republican party.

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