Pet Peeves: The Facts Of Life

Check out this great YouTube video “The Birds & The Bees” while you check out today’s post! It’s only 2 minutes & 15 seconds long.








Your best friend,
Vicar Buffalo Tom

The 9 Lives Of Buffalo Tom Peabody & Gunther Tootie


13 thoughts on “Pet Peeves: The Facts Of Life

    • Thank you, Dr. Rex!
      Today, Donald Trump and his big fat giant Pumpkinhead is attacking over 6,000 patriotic transgendered military personnel… My Granny Me-Maw says, “Only dangerous crazy people are frightened by reality.”

      • You’re welcome, dear friend!!
        Yes, I saw … this touches me quite closely. I’m a proud member of the LGBT community & I’ve been aware of this … I was waiting for this attack. He’s starting w trans people; he already attacked trans kids … the whole community will be under attack! 😰
        Right now I’m emotional & devastated!

      • Don’t lose hope! Any support for Republican social engineering seems to evaporate very quickly. The outrage over Trump’s latest Proclamation is huge. There doesn’t seem to be any real support outside Trump’s ignorant base for any of this Republican crap. John McCain is receiving sharp criticism from all quarters for his heartlessness and self-indulgence yesterday. Trump and the rest of the Republicans have painted themselves into an awful and crazy corner and just like a cornered wounded animal it’s going to get ugly for a few months before it gets better. We will get through this. We are in this together! 👊

      • TY!! I’m hanging in there … however, when painted into a corner, they’re prone to lash out wildly! Yes, it will get worse before improving. 👊🏼

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