Nail Gun


Detroit group, THE VOLUMES, had their greatest success in 1962 with the fine doo-wop “I Love You” recorded in a garage studio. Their early 60’s sides were mostly doo-wop featuring the expressive lead vocals of Ed Union.
The Volumes, R&B vocal group formed in 1960 in Detroit, Michigan. The group’s 1962 single for Chex Records, “I Love You”, was a hit in the U.S., peaking at #22 that year on the Billboard Hot 100. The tune was a blend of doo wop and Latin beats, and was co-written by bass-singer Ernest Newsom and the group’s manager, Willie Ewing. The group recorded further singles for Chex and American Arts but never returned to the charts, remaining a “one-hit wonder.”


So many notes…get nailed so fast and at lung-busting volume…¬† It makes my head spin. Ed Union is the original “vocal nail gun” as he slips from falsetto to head voice and beyond. At least once a year, usually during Grammy season I mutter…”Where is Ed Union’s Grammy for Best Male Vocal Performance of ANY year? Where is it?”
This is one of my favorites and I will love and admire it forever. It is a doo wop masterpiece. I hope you like it too!




Your best friends,
Buffalo Tom & Iggy

The 9 Lives Of Buffalo Tom Peabody & Gunther Tootie


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