2 Piles?











Your best friends,
Buffalo Tom, Gunther, Iggy, Lucy, Sonny & Cher

The 9 Lives Of Buffalo Tom Peabody & Gunther Tootie


17 thoughts on “2 Piles?

    • Thanks, Ann. I’m sure I’ll start a 2nd “pile.” I’ve been able to find a small amount of information about transitioning the same “flavor” blog to a new blog site on WordPress. I’m always up for a challenge! 👍

  1. I’m sending over 99% of our blogging data. It’s what readers of The Whitechapel Whelk would have wanted. No really…it is. Apart from those who would prefer it if we sent over 100% of our data of course.

    • Thanks,, draliman. I’m going to try and beat the odds and continue my story line on a fresh wordpress blog. The blogging experts claim it is impossible to bring along former subscribers to a new blog and new subscribers are confused by the switch…

      • Be sure to let us know where you go! I ended up buying more storage space and shrinking photos before uploading them.

    • Lol! Thanks! All of my darn photos just burned through my allotted 3 gigabytes of data in just three years! I’ve got a few megabytes left and I’m hoping if I start preparing now I can bring all my friends over to a new site which will contain all my same old crap! 👍 blogging is fun, not to mention, I don’t want to lose all the blogs I enjoy reading every day.

    • Hi! The free or.com blogs from WordPress come with 3 gigabytes of media data. With some restrictions you can use this for text, uploading GIFs, photos & short videos. When the 3 gigabytes are used up you must start a new blog or purchase a WordPress Premium plan which starts at $100 per year for 10 gigabytes of media data plus other perks. The premium plans must be renewed and paid for annually.
      The free .com blogs for WordPress are terrific and it took me 3 years to burn through 3 gigabytes of media data with my photos. You can check your data balance in your WordPress dashboard. I hope this helps. Thanks for asking.👍

      • Hey thanks! Great information! I will check since I’ve been on WP since 2013… I maybe in the same situation soon… Stay in touch!

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