Don’t Touch Anything!

As you know… the end is near for this blog site and in order to carry on we must set up a new blog… Which means we must enter the dreaded WordPress Dashboard… This could be our biggest act of nincompoopery ever!






Your best friends,
Buffalo Tom, Gunther & Iggy

The 9 Lives Of Buffalo Tom Peabody & Gunther Tootie


11 thoughts on “Don’t Touch Anything!

  1. You are entering uncharted territory guys, hang on to the mast and weather the storm!! Oh yeah, that’s me that’s never been in that territory before – I’m sure you’ll do just fine! A nip now and then might make it easier?

    • Hahahaha! So far it has been interesting. any WordPress setting changes made in the WordPress for Android app… Generally fail or screw things up… So we are messing around in WordPress from our browser…. Picking a theme will be impossible so I’m hoping standard issue will fit. 👍😨

    • Hi FBG! This blog is just about out of data so I either have to go Premium or start a new blog. I will post a link to the new site as my last post on this blog. That way people who want to follow can follow in those who want to step off can step off. The new blog will be a continuation of this one. 👍

      • blogs or free blogs get 3 gigabytes of media storage, which is a lot and most bloggers won’t use it up. I was able to burn through 3 gigabytes by posting tons and tons and tons of photos. Lol! You can check your data usage in your dashboard… the dreaded dashboard… 😨😨😨

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