IGGY: The Picker

Check out my song pick o’ the week! It’s “Catch and Don’t Look Back” by Womack and Womack! Linda and Cecil Womack! Linda is the daughter of legendary soul singer Sam Cooke and Cecil is a member of the legendary Womack Family. This one is perfect for wiggling your rear-end-type-area while shopping garage sales or on any Monday!

You can find some great bargains for early Christmas shopping at flea markets and garage sales!






… and here is some more nonsense and nincompoopery!




Have a terrific day, EVERY BUDDY!
Your best friend,
(Ignatius “IGGY” Rattlebottom-Bunn
^^Comment-Tater/Tech Support on buffalotompeabodyblog.wordpress.com)

The 9 Lives Of Buffalo Tom Peabody & Gunther Tootie


10 thoughts on “IGGY: The Picker

      • Yes, and it’s twin the Mercury Bobcat. fortunately, not long after the exploding gas tank fiasco, American car manufacturers decided to straighten up their act. AND we mustn’t forget the Chevrolet Corvair immortalized in Ralph Nader’s book “Unsafe At Any Speed”… If I’m not mistaken, I think the Corvair also held the distinction of being one of the few cars that started rusting on the showroom floor! Ah Good Times! 👍😨🚗

      • Ah yes – Ralph Nader. I could picture his face, but his name escaped me yesterday! I have read “Unsafe At Any Speed” at least twice…I think I should find it and read it again!

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