Ship-To-Shore (Part 2)

Be sure to check out Part 1!




All hands!
Damn the torpedoes!



Your best friends,
Captain Buffalo Tom, 1st Mate Gunther & Concierge Iggy


10 thoughts on “Ship-To-Shore (Part 2)

  1. Ah, the Grand Caymans…offering tax-free, offshore bank accounts to the rich and greedy since aught-something-or-other! I think that has been going on since before I was born, at the very least…loopholes galore, LOL

    • The latest tax dodge is in Panama… The list of tax dodgers is a laugh riot. When I was researching mini submarines and submarines in general I was amazed when I discovered that rich people have so much disposable income they are buying multi million dollar submarines like popcorn. 😨

      • Those personal submarines are popular in Hammacher Schlemmer – the catalogue for people with far too much dispensable non-income!

        The “Panama Papers” have been very interesting…the PM of Iceland vanished quicker than disappearing ink, when those first came out!

  2. That’s a novel idea – a cruise sub. I’m sure you’ll make a bundle on that! Especially those suites with a balcony. They’ll sell out right away!

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