Ship-To-Shore: Part 3

The ship hits the fan…




More whining…


Even more whining…



Yahoo! I hope you are enjoying our High-Seas Adventure!

Your best friends,
Buffalo Tom, Gunther & Iggy


5 thoughts on “Ship-To-Shore: Part 3

    • LOL! I really don’t have anything against rich people… Bill Gates and Warren Buffett do wonderful things with their money. and then there are the Donald Trump’s… I heard on the news this morning that all of the millions of dollars he claims to have given charity is a lie and he has given NOTHING. So not only is he a despicable human being he’s also A Big Fat Liar. It does make me feel better to poke fun at him. 👍

    • Hahaha! Fortunately, Gunther, decided to put a photo erasing bug in our free Wi-Fi! As soon as one of our guests is placed in a torpedo tube all of their photos taken on board are erased! so no one has a photo of us! Gunther’s police background really pays off! We do have the usual “no photography” policy in our casino… but Rich people think rules are for everyone else.

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