Ship-To-Shore: Part 3

The ship hits the fan…




More whining…


Even more whining…



Yahoo! I hope you are enjoying our High-Seas Adventure!

Your best friends,
Buffalo Tom, Gunther & Iggy


8 thoughts on “Ship-To-Shore: Part 3

    • LOL! I really don’t have anything against rich people… Bill Gates and Warren Buffett do wonderful things with their money. and then there are the Donald Trump’s… I heard on the news this morning that all of the millions of dollars he claims to have given charity is a lie and he has given NOTHING. So not only is he a despicable human being he’s also A Big Fat Liar. It does make me feel better to poke fun at him. 👍

    • Hahaha! Fortunately, Gunther, decided to put a photo erasing bug in our free Wi-Fi! As soon as one of our guests is placed in a torpedo tube all of their photos taken on board are erased! so no one has a photo of us! Gunther’s police background really pays off! We do have the usual “no photography” policy in our casino… but Rich people think rules are for everyone else.

    • Thank you, Dr. Rex!
      After all of the horrors that were revealed yesterday, starting with the brutality and arrests, at Mitch McConnell’s Senate office, of disabled Americans protesting the “DEATH BILL” how long will it be before Republicans start calling themselves “compassionate conservatives?” How long will it take in the Trump oligarchy before the plutocrats build a colosseum and start feeding us to the Lions for their amusement?

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