Fashion Cents-ible: You Gotta Have Evidence


Introducing Buffalo Tom Peabody’s…


Just clip a CapCam PRO to your cap and you have all the evidence you need!
My CapCam PRO is even paying for itself!






Your best friend,
Buffalo Tom



12 thoughts on “Fashion Cents-ible: You Gotta Have Evidence

    • My apologies,Gracie. I just noticed that my speech typing and t t s program changed Gracie to crazy! I apologize for this but the program changes things without me knowing it when I press the post comment button.I always think twice about commenting and keep my comments short because of this problem. Please accept my apology.

      • No worries at all Tom. It made me giggle because I thought you were saying that the thought of flying potatoes was crazy…kind of like manatees are a bit goofy and crazy

      • Hahahahaha! I try so hard to never be rude to anyone and then Google speech typing starts up. Sometimes speech typing will convert background room noise into speech… What it types is usually nonsense or X-rated. There are some WordPress blog themes that do not integrate very well with speech typing and TTS and will not allow Corrections or deleting a comment or text. So I usually keep my mouth shut. Thank you for being so understanding!

  1. Our sub-editor was a morose, self-pitying, 7-stone weakling until I told him about Buffalo Tom. Now, he’s a morose, self-pitying, 7-stone weakling that rarely stops talking about Buffalo Tom.
    Thanks Buffalo Tom! 😀

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