Road Trip (Part 1): Branson, MO


DAY 1:
Me and the guys love going on senior citizen bus tours!


The seniors are really nice and spoil us rotten… They just about rub off all our fur petting us and smothering us with kisses! We’re the kids they wish they had in the first place!


Names have been changed to protect the innocent!


Let the good times roll…


Just wait until you see the shenanigans, hi-jinx and nincompoopery these seniors get up to!


Not to mention all the fun we’ll have in Branson… The 2nd largest concentration of old people in the United States!


Don’t miss the next installment of Road Trip Branson, MO!
I hope Yakov Smirnoff & Carrot Top are appearing somewhere!

Your best friends,
Buffalo Tom, Gunther, Iggy & Ed


10 thoughts on “Road Trip (Part 1): Branson, MO

    • Welcome aboard! The more the merrier and you were just in time to get in on our Paisley Park Memorial Poker Tournament in honor of Prince! Not only was he a musical genius he really cared about people and the world we live in. Prince and Bob Dylan… two of the coolest guys from Minnesota!
      Don’t worry GP Iggy has set aside a tapioca pudding cup for you!
      Gotta go! One of the ladies is getting up a beer pong tournament! 👍🍺

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