Road Trip (Part 2): The Scenic Route


Day 2:
The first day of our road trip has been jam-packed! Last night was the 1st annual Paisley Park Memorial Poker Tournament in memory of rock & roll legend Prince.


The Roadmaster 5000 rides like a dream! I only fell out of my upper berth twice!
After my shower we will all sit down and enjoy a high fiber, low cholesterol, fat-free & reduced-sodium breakfast… but don’t fill up because we’ll be stopping at KFC for lunch!





Melba & Vint  were also last night’s BIG winners of the “Most Life-like Toupee and Dentures Competition!” Each of our winners will receive a free denture relining from Naomi’s House Of Vacuum Cleaners/Denture Repair/Salon d` Beaute` & Bait Bucket Emporium.


Don’t miss the next chapter of our Branson Road Trip!

Your best friends,
Buffalo Tom, Gunther, Iggy, Melba & Vint


22 thoughts on “Road Trip (Part 2): The Scenic Route

    • Hahaha! I am a horrendous writer. So I use lots of… and hyphens so I can let the reader’s mind do all the “walking” and work. I really admire people, like yourself, who can write. Whenever I get to a place that will require a great deal of thought or a tough word selection, I usually…..

      • I was once castigated cruelly by an overly-officious magazine sub-editor for putting an extra dot in an elipsis. When I tried to point out that it’s permissible if the dot is a fullstop, he threatened to attack my cat and have an affair with my wife. I immediately put the cat into a home and told the wife to put a nice dress on.

      • Thanks, I really appreciate that. Unfortunately, as a child, I was part of an educational experiment which replaced traditional English and literature classes with a nonsensical Scrabble-style collection of rubbish known as “Lnguistics.” This craptastic scholarly blunder was eventually abandoned. I would give you an example of a “linguistically correct” sentence but Google speech typing can’t make sense of it either. I now refer to it as a dead language. What little I do know , I had to learn on my own before they threw me out of college. 👍 This also accounts for my prolific use of photoshopping and emojis.

      • Sorry for the delay Tom. I was run over by a spiked steamroller yesterday afternoon and my wife’s been using me as a watering can ever since. She’s a cruel and exploitative women but scrupulously fair.

      • I’ve thought about a number of things where my old woman is concerned Tom. Unfortunately, I shall have to remain remain tight-lipped as I don’t wish to attract unwelcome attention from The Feds πŸ˜‰

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