Monday Fashion Essentials


Essentials… s…






Your best friends,
Buffalo Tom, Gunther & Iggy


12 thoughts on “Monday Fashion Essentials

  1. Oh, wow…that last picture says it all, LOL!

    Here’s a city that doesn’t have the letter “A” in it: Sequim, WA – I think that it qualifies as a city, population-wise!

    • LOL! When I read that Facebook post, the first place that popped into my mind was Reno. I quit Facebook a couple years ago because it was so time-consuming and a negative experience. I couldn’t get used to all the people who think there, their and they’re all mean the same thing. I really don’t ask for much…

      • LOL – Facebook is definitely NOT “social” in my not-so-humble-opinion! I avoid it like the plague…like you, I don’t ask for much – and I’m allergic to stupidity, ignorance, and drama!

      • You are so right. My favorite facebook thing happened about 3 years ago when a rumor started going around that the government was cataloging all of the facebook profile pictures/names so when the time came to put the tea party members in secret internment camps (located in old abandoned Walmart stores), the government would know just who to arrest. (I think it was Glenn Beck who started the rumor.) Long story short; all the crazies took their profile pictures down and all the other pictures of themselves but left up all the portraits of their children and grandchildren!

      • ROFL – priceless! I’m not surprised…I recall the Y2K nonsense, where people believed that their bank accounts would lock up and other silly rumours…never mind the fact that the new millennium had already begun in Australia and other places, and they weren’t reporting any issues!

      • Hahahahaha! People are so much fun! Not to mention, I don’t recall any of the Y2K crazies apologizing afterwards! Maybe all of that Y2K insanity explains the millennial generation! 👍👍

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