A Pictorial Journey Part 3: “Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark”

I am proud to say that whenever I post this picture people always say, “That’s you, isn’t it?” Its not, but thank you for the compliment. I’m spunky.


I would never endanger other people’s lives. I’m not that spunky.


That’s me on the right… Both versions.

Blind to reason…
People with guts ( I admire guts.)ย  have asked me, “What is it really like to be blind?” Here is a picture, that pretty much, sums it up, of course, it is different for every blind person.


I am NOT totally blind, my visual acuity is 20/400. In other words, I can tell night from day, due to a small amount of peripheral vision. I make the most of it.


Okay, I’m really sick of talking about me. So let’s talk about Buffalo Tom Peabody, who of course, is me.


Buffalo Tom Peabody debuted on YouTube 18 months ago. I had just learned how to work my android phone, I had justย  discovered the miracle that is known as TTS! I was now able to annoy people worldwide! It was truly my moment at “The Well”. A minor miracle in my life, I named my android phone Anne Sullivan. Welcome to the light!
Here is how it happened:
I had just gone through 6 weeks of complete frustration! When I first got my android, in order to use it, I had to set up a Google account… You know that robot test? The test at the end of the sign up? You should try it wearing a blindfold. It took me 2 weeks. Blind to Reason… I would not give up! I am NOT a robot! Anyway, 4 frustrating weeks after that “fun” time, I accidentally stumbled on a program that installed TTS into my android! Eureka! I did not know this phone could talk to me!


I cried from sheer joy!


Back to YouTube… I had to, figuratively, sweat blood To make thoseย  videos. 140,000 YouTube views later, I feel so honored to have found an audience!


If you have a mind to, you could check out my videos on YouTube. I am very proud of them. They enhance the story I am trying to tell on this blog. Just enter my name, Buffalo Tom Peabody, in the youtube search engine. You could also subscribe to my channel. Thank you for your support.


Have I mentioned that I call my android phone Anne Sullivan?


I have more to tell you, in part 4.


( By the way, TTS has its limits, for instance, I can’t make that youtube search easy for you by inserting a link. Fortunately, I am the only Buffalo Tom Peabody over there. :-))


18 thoughts on “A Pictorial Journey Part 3: “Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark”

  1. Interesting…but I know you and if you could get it done without killing someone…we would find you toodling down the street….just like in the picture….

  2. Braille driving. Isn’t that what those bumps in the middle of the road are for?
    Horse poop. Isn’t that what politicians sell us?
    Wow! Norman Bates is cute.
    Thanks for a great laugh. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Thanks, Ann! Its been awhile since I’ve made a video, YouTube changed its posting policy when it linked with Google+… This change created a new channel for me…??? It has become so confusing, I just quit posting videos. But I do have hundreds of them on my original Channel. ๐Ÿ™‚ I truly appreciate your support, Ann! Many, many thanks to you!

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